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         "While the internet is a    great tool, it can quickly lead to information overload, overthinking, and ultimately additional and unnecessary stress (it happened to me). FWDfuel helped cut through all the misinformation I ingested when I was doing my own Google searches."  
-Pierce Cumpstone
"After seeing numerous GI physicians without any success, I finally decided to take a functional nutrition approach. For the first time in years, I was able to run without GI distress! Thank you Kylene for helping me to compete in college and beyond!!" -Rachel K. 
"You really can't ask for a better person on your team! She has a WEALTH of food, fitness and wellness knowledge that she is happy to share with you. She is a damn smart cookie and I've learned SO MUCH from her recommendations. Not only did Kylene set me on the right path, foodwise, but she identified other possible sources of my fatigue, brain fog (MOLD, SIBO, CANDIDA OVERGROWTH)..." -K. Spilker
"I've been fortunate to work  with top-tier individuals in functional medicine, and their confidence in Kylene is immense. Her ability to analyze lab reports, physician's notes, and our own comments to create recommendations that are actually compassionate and do-able always amazes me. She juggles so much information when she does this, and I realize her deep training and experience allows her to view the role of nutrition in a way I've never encountered with others in the field." -Stacy Tidmore 
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